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1. Now PTE and CELPIP training offered online from our Instructors based in Canada....
2. Fraser Valley Inc. now accepting applications for Sept 2018 intake for Canadian colleges and Univers...

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It good website for students...
- ravi

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For students

We are deeply concerned about the success and satisfaction of our students, more so with the trust they have in us. Our due diligence process makes sure that the program , the student and the offering institution are profiled and matched properly to achieve a three way WIN situation. We rely a great deal on references and word of mouth through a job.

We offer professional advice based on facts, research and resources. Our deeply analytical research includes data about the country, the institution, the program outline, career prospects, and information about the institution size, recognition, accreditations, size and ranking – before we refer it to the student..

International education is very rewarding, expensive and requires immaculate planning:

In these times of informational overload, media bombardment, and opinion wars, from innumerable agencies that represent virtually every institution in every corner of the world, decisions that will hold are far and few. It is a daunting task to get to facts – only facts, classify and use them for the students’ best benefit. .

At FVI, we work on individual’s needs in conjunction with the aspirations, keeping a clear eye on the financial capabilities of the families. This is why the personal rapport we share, the honest, open, communication we maintain, helps us to chalk out the most optimal plans for the students who work with us.

We have just one goal: To be known as an ethical company to bridge the gap and find the right fit for the student and the institutions….

Digital and print media campaigns and International social media

We actively use Internet as a marketing tool, promote our partners through Email campaigns, Facebook, LinkedIn, and as such, support our campaigns with personal meetings and counselling sessions on ONE- ON- ONE basis.

Despite all new age media, students and their parents always appreciate hand holding by professionals and rely upon professional companies to help them pick and apply to institutions abroad. As a result, education companies like FVI have become a company of choice for an increasing number of International students.